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A Sad Story

On the morning of December 9, 1923 the Reverend T.W. Bucklee, incumbent of the Parish of Port Carling, Gregory and Port Sandfield, was on his way to a service at Church, Gregory. The lakes had remained open late that season, so Mr. Bucklee making his rounds in the Water-Ford model which had been donated to the parish by the Brough sisters back in 1917.

The temperature had dropped well below freezing the previous night, and a thin ice had formed in the more sheltered areas of Lake Rosseau. As he neared his destination, the Reverend Bucklee found that the ice extended far out from shore, but being of a rather impetuous nature he forged ahead regardless. As the little Dippy pushed bravely onward, the razor-sharp edges of the ice cut deeper per into the thin cypress planking. In a short time the bottom was cut completely out of the craft and she quickly went down. Mr. Bucklee lost his life in the chilly waters of Rosseau and thus became the only person known to have been lost at sea in a Dispro. His remains are buried in the little churchyard at Gregory.

...compiled by Paul Dodington