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Disappearing Propeller Boats were manufactured in Ontario (Canada) from the early part of the 20th. Century until the 1950's. Quite a mouthful, "Disappearing Propeller Boats" were known from the start as "Dispros","DP's", or more commonly... "Dippies". 

For a variety of reasons, many of the boats still exist... for one thing, the Cypress planked hulls weren't prone to rot, for another, they were unusual, even in their own period.

Owning a Dippy has been best described as a source of "exasperation, pride, annoyance, and devotion".

Dippies were produced in Port Carling Ontario (Canada) in the early part of the 1900's, in Lindsay Ontario briefly, and then in Gravenhurst, Ontario into the 1950's. A few boats were manufactured in Tonawanda (near Buffalo, New York).

Some pictures in this site are used with the permission of the Disappearing Propeller Boat Company, which has been revived in recent years to restore boats and engines.

Many other wooden boat resources can be found at www.portcarlingboats.com and www.antiqueboatamerica.com

There's usually a dippy under restoration at Windsor Boat Works.

The designer of this site can be found at davidstringer.ca