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The boat was first produced in 1915, and most were made in the 1920's. It was made possible by the development of light-weight gasoline engines, and the perfection of the ingenious device that gives the boat it's name... the disappearing propeller.

 The device allows the operator to lift the propeller up into an interior housing. This gives the boat the ability to go almost anywhere a canoe can go, as the boat will still move with as little as an inch of propeller-blade sticking out the bottom.

As a further bonus, the whole contraption will retract itself automatically if you strike a log, or a shoal.... usually.

Click on any picture to see it larger.

A Dippy "Device". This is the housing inside the boat that the propeller disappears into.

How the device is fitted into the hull.

Model E "Silent Dispro" used in early Dippies

Caron engine used in Lindsay Dippies

St. Lawrence engine (electric start!)

Coventry Victor engine used in the later Dippies

An "Aquascope"


Open Dippy, St. Lawrence engine