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The Greatest Little Motor Boat Afloat


The last Disappearing Propeller Boat was produced in 1956. The most often cited reason for their demise was the invention and perfection of the outboard motor. For various inherent design reasons, the Dis-Pro couldn't make use of a larger engine and propeller, and was unable to putt into the second half of the century. In their efforts to sell boats, the company often stretched the truth a bit, but one advertising claim remains undisputed by anyone who has ever had a ride in one. They are, truly, the greatest little motor boat afloat.

Some of the following thumbnail pictures only show the top of the ads. Click on any picture to see them larger.

Classic Dippy ad

Boat details

Device detail

18 Men in a Dippy promotional shot

Good detail of "How it works"

Color brochure

Starting instructions

Silent Dispro engine

A personal favorite



Even the most timid child...